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It can be said that good and evil are a matter of perspective, and that measures taken by those defending their land may be just as bad as those taken by the attackers. These two theories were tested to the fullest during the crisis that was the Crossover Wars of 2007, when Bunnies and CRFH Boardies went head to head with an evil the like of which they had never seen before...
The Operation Lagomorph comic chronicles some of the action between FLEET, the EGS-DF and the EOU's forces.


In early 2007, a band of villains known as the Evil Overlords United, led by the sinister Editor, launched an attempt to conquer the webcomic universes. Using a technology called DRACO (Dimensional Realities Arcane Crossover Organiser), they subdued world after world in devastating blitzkriegs, leaving the inhabitants reeling. Then one day, EGS appeared on one of their monitors...

The Arming and the Retreat

In response to their observations of EGS, the Bunnies in the Main Forum began arming themselves against an attack from the EOU, believing it to be coming soon. However, the Overlords noticed the arming of the Bunnies and decided that attacking a place geared up for war would be suicide, and seemingly focused their efforts elsewhere. Not for long, however...

Agent Bunny Comes

On April 4, 2007, the Overlords sent a spy into the forums, to learn the tactics of the Bunnies and sow dissent. This spy was known as Agent Bunny. At the same time, a poster named Death Bunny entered the Invasion Thread and signed up for training. On April 10, Agent Bunny infiltrated a TF gun warehouse and placed DRACO beacons on some of the crates, allowing a stockpile of TF guns to fall into the hands of the EOU. On April 16, things took a dramatic turn- Amon Star accused Death Bunny of being the mole. Death Bunny was immediately arrested and put on trial, but found not guilty due to lack of evidence. Many apologised, but several remained unconvinced. On April 20, a message was sent to travelling webcomic character Scale, whose creators were kidnapped by the EOU. While the bunnies waited for a response, they remained divided and suspicious as to just who Agent Bunny might be...

The Attack on the Funky Horror and Agent Bunny's Discovery

On April 24th, the Head Alien launched an assault on the Funky Horror, using Agent Bunny's DRACO beacons to bypass any defences. The assault ended when HA's forces captured several spaceships.
Meanwhile, things were heating up in the frantic search for Agent Bunny. Finally, on April 27th, Loweko made this post.....
"Ah, Death Bunny. Found not guilty by a jury of your peers, and so proud of yourself for getting off scot free. A newbie, and therefore one with access to all that bright, shiny equipment because of course EGS took you in and gave you a TF gun... and no doubt you've been hanging around a lot of storage places over the last few weeks. If a newbie wanders around a sensitive area, why, he's clearly just gotten a bit lost. Perfectly understandable.

But it's amazing what a background check will turn up, and my Counterintelligence people have discovered you're not a forumite at all. You're a character from Impy & Avery. A webcomic currently plagued by mysterious forcefield technology.

In other words, no doubt trying to curry favour with your overlords to avoid the invasion of I&A, you're working to give them EGS instead. You're Agent Bunny.

Men? Take him alive if it is reasonably practicable."
Death Bunny confessed immediately, and began to fight his way out. A huge battle ensued, with many bunnies injured. However, the victory eventually went to the forces of Bunnydom, Death Bunny just escaping with his life... and a mysterious scrap of paper, which the Overlords were delighted to see...

Preparations In Mayhem

The growing crisis was not being ignored in Mayhem. General KylenPhylar realised that Mayhem needed to be equally defended against attack by the EOU, as it would be EGS' first line of defence. To this end, Fort Mayhem was set up, and the Waffle House was requisitioned as the Head Planning Office for the EGS Defence Force. All these measures were designed to defend against the attack everyone knew was coming, but never quite expected when it did...

The Battle of Mayhem: War Comes Home

On May 2, 2007, war broke out on two fronts: in the damaged mall where Anya and Squata had fought, which was invaded by EOU droids, and at the Head Planning Office itself, which the Head Alien attacked directly, abducting all forces stationed there. Bunny forces quickly began fighting back at the Mall, with the first Bunny casualty being General Amon Star, who was warped back to Fort Mayhem for medical attention. After being pushed back, the EGS Defence Force was able to cordon off the EOU droids and call in an orbital bombardment. The EOU droids eventually retreated to EOU headquarters, the first victory in the Battle of Mayhem. However, Ciennas was badly damaged in the battle. Shortly after, droids were spotted in one of the parks. Bunny forces immediately converged on the park, little knowing that a multidimensional attack on a DRACO portal by A Fan had opened a dimensional rift at the Mall, unleashing horrible Lovecraftian monstrosities there. The rift was eventually sealed thanks to the actions of A Fan, Hidden Sanity and Jorlem.
The battle at the Park ended when the Hammer o' Justice bombarded it, reducing it to a smoking crater.
There was a brief crisis as A Fan, Mal, Teleros and Jenny Collins fought to repair a Tear in space-time at the mall. They succeeded, but were flung to the four points of the compass. Meanwhile, a horde of zombie catgirls had to be defeated.
With the battle at the mall over, bunnies began heading to the spaceport for the next stage in the battle...

Fighting Back

The Head Alien had used the captured ships to attack the Drunken Scribblings webcomic, but ships from FLEET were close behind, engaging the Head Alien's fleet in orbit. Meanwhile, a strike force was set up by Anya to board the Head Alien's ship and rescue Ankhareon, Ajac, Stardrake and Jstone, who had been abducted during the attack on the Head Planning Office. A secondary force, consisting of a diverse group of bunnies and many NPCs, was dispatched to re-capture the stolen board vessels, and inadvertently rescued Jstone, Stardrake, and Anky, who had been left on a Fanworks after the Head Alien took Ajac to his flagship.
It was about this time that Mayhem's first news channel, MNCAN, began broadcasting. Originally transmitting news of the Crossover Wars, it diversified into RPs quite quickly.
On May 19, over in the Main Forum, Chaos logged Scale in on one of her creator's accounts. She discovered the forum, and was met warmly by the bunnies therein.
On May 30, a group of bunnies and characters including Amon Star, Cheez and Ed Bunny finally ran into the Head Alien aboard a ship. Head Alien threatened to kill Ajac with some sort of gun, but MolTARE stepped in and, stating that Head Alien looked like "a thing of honour", challenged him to settle the matter the Board way- a game of Mornington Crescent, winner took all. However, it soon reached its endgame when Head Alien managed to name Mornington Crescent. It was then that what is arguably the dirtiest trick in the Wars was pulled- despite being the winner, Head Alien was immediately zapped into something horrible by a TF tank and Ajac retrieved anyway. Though this did help rescue Ajac, an opinion poll by MNCAN on the streets of Mayhem revealed that many citizens could not help but think that this was not the honourable thing to do.
Head Alien managed to zap himself back to normal with a discarded TF gun, however, he was presumably killed (though no body was ever found...) when FLEET fired a massive rock at his ship at one-third lightspeed, which caused it to explode for some reason.
On July 4, Ajac finally returned to Mayhem, prompting a huge celebration. However, the Wars were far from over...

Excursions Abroad

Liberating Too Many Authors

On May 24, 2007, the sprite comic Too Many Authors was invaded by the EOU. While initially turning down the EGS-DF's assistance, author Littlebeast soon found himself frantically requesting it when shot from behind with a tranq gun by a droid, who then took over his comic and turned TMA into EOU Territory LTNXY. On June 22, a group of EGS-DF personnel called the Bunny Berets arrived in TMA and immediately set about trying to free Littlebeast. By June 27, it looked like they had succeeded- however, the "Littlebeast" that seemed to have been rescued turned out to be a droid with an illusion over it. By July 4, the impostor had been destroyed and Littlebeast was back in control. The TMA characters returned to Fort Mayhem to join in the victory party while plans were made for the full liberation of the comic. On July 17, the Giant Spaceship Thing o' Doomness, with a combined Bunny/TMA force on board, arrived in a remote area of TMA via Hyper-Quantum Warp-Manifold Drive, and the Bunnies and TMA characters immediately began planning their next move. The choice was soon wrested from them when buffoonery of the GSToD's staff resulted in the droids entering the ship, and the Alliance forces immediately began fighting back.


The Wotch Incident

On the fateful day of Friday the 13th of July, 2007, a group of EOU droids disguised as Bunnies and armed with TF guns attacked the Wotch forums. Although the Wotchers initially believed it was the Bunnies who were to blame, the EGS-DF explained the situation to them and the two forums plus Too Many Authors and the Board launched a joint attack on the Evil Overlords.

Assault on the Overlords

On July 18, 2007, the Bunnies at Fort Mayhem received an audio transmission from the EOU, ostensibly calling for a meeting. Smelling a rat, yet curious about what the Overlords could possibly want, Ajac of the EGS-DF, Beastling of TMA and Loweko of the Board entered Keenfans to meet EOU agent Jason Fellback. Saying the EOU and the Alliance had "a mutual interest", Fellback went on to mention an "ally" of theirs who had broken away, taking a highly special item with it, and stated that it would be in their mutual interest to have him stopped. He stated that the forums might be his next target, and offered to sign a peace treaty with the Alliance if they agreed to help stop this rogue agent. When Ajac stated he didn't trust the Overlords, Fellback proposed a meeting at an Alliance-appointed location to further discuss the matter, and requested they send Squato rather than Squata. After Fellback left, Ajac and the others were told by a droid Fellback had left behind that without Squato, there would be no meeting, and that this was not negotiable. Ajac reluctantly agreed, and Squato was sent to a location proposed by Beastling with a small backup force, just in case.
Fellback showed up, and the meeting initially seemed to be genuine until Fellback zapped one of the backup force, showing his hand. The meeting was a trap.
Fellback's forces captured Squato, little knowing that his shirt was in fact a tracker, just in case of this event. The EGS-DF immediately began trying to locate Squato via the tracker and prepared for an assault on the EOU.

With the help of an invention by Dark KillerFish, the Alliance launched its attack on EOU headquarters. Bunnies, Boardies, Wotchers and Authors alike carved up droids, smashed machinery and generally wreaked havoc. A slight hitch came when several Bunnies and Wotchers tried to smash the DRACO: it didn't objectively exist in any one universe, and was thus immune to damage.
Ajac and Lomgren faced off against the Editor and the treasonous ChibiVOR, while most of the DF tried to overcome Deception in dragon form.

The battle ended when the Editor activated the DRACO and summoned a wind that sent everyone in the base, Overlords and Alliance alike, through the portal and across the webcomic worlds. Slowly, everyone began to return to Keenfans and awaited the final battle.



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